PGCE students at St Stephens House Oxford

PGCE Students

St Stephen’s House is a community of mature students, which values learning, education and vocational training. Its very roots are planted in vocational formation, so the evolution to admit PGCE and students pursing other studies in 2003 was a natural progression.

The college has one of the largest communities of PGCE students in the University, and is a popular choice for students who value its friendly, inclusive atmosphere.

All PGCE students have a College Advisor to serve as a focal point for their relationship with the college, and who is available for regular consultation with them on academic or other matters.

The college is well-equipped for those pursuing this course of study. For example – and crucial to many students – car parking facilities (rare among Oxford colleges and halls), are available on-site for resident students. PGCE terms are longer than the standard university term and so PGCE students generally require accommodation that does not need them to move out during the Christmas and Easter vacations; this is something the college can easily accommodate. An early, continental-style breakfast is also provided during the week for PGCE students on placement.

All our Oxford students have full access to college and University facilities, and are encouraged to play a full part in the community and social life of the college and Common Room. In addition, the main University sports facilities are located just a few minutes’ walk away.

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