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You have already taken the greatest of all life-changing decisions – to devote your life to the service of God as a priest. The next decision is to find the place that will enable you to deepen your understanding and strengthen your commitment to that God, the place that will most comprehensively form you for your life’s ministry. Our conviction is that St Stephen’s House is the place where you will be able to hear your calling most clearly and answer it most faithfully.

We live in a society within which ordained ministry has never been more needed, nor made so many demands. Therefore this is a time when formation for priesthood in depth has never been so crucial, and when your choice of where to be trained becomes absolutely pivotal. You will find that unique depth of formation here.

So what will you find here that is so compelling? How would it feel to be a member of our community? And what kind of a place is St Stephen’s House?

The Church of England is a broad church, and we are committed to serving that kind of church. As a community we are rooted in the tradition of Catholic spirituality. But we do not live by labels and stereotypes. We welcome and honour men and women, Catholic, Liberal and Evangelical, as we respect differences in churchmanship and emphasis in our understandings of God. As faithful members of the Church of England, that is our responsibility and our joy.

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