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Sabbaticals & Retreats

St Stephen’s House is able to offer sabbatical programmes tailored to the individual requirements of visiting scholars, clergy and others who wish to spend some time here. In turn, the House benefits enormously from the contributions that sabbatical guests make to our corporate life.

In addition to the facilities outlined in the prospectus, we expect to arrange for those on sabbatical:

  • Access to in-House teaching and university lectures.
  • Individual tutorials with members of staff or other specialists within or outside Oxford.
  • Access to the college library, the Bodleian library and the Theology Faculty library.
  • Access, if necessary, to the House’s computer room (for those bringing their own computers, all rooms are connected to the University Network).
  • Many opportunities to meet informally with students and staff and to participate in the corporate life of the college, if desired.

Whilst some take advantage of all of these, other guests on sabbatical simply come because they want space to read, think, relax or pray.

Board and Lodging

Accommodation for sabbaticals (which does not generally include en-suite facilities) is arranged on a flexible basis. Subject to availability of rooms, it is not necessary for sabbaticals to coincide with term dates. However, please note that meals are only available during term time. Kitchen facilities are available at all times. Outside term-time, the lodging rate will be charged.

Current Rates

Single standard room:

  • £250 per week (bed and breakfast)
  • £320 per week (half-board)
  • £360 per week (full-board)

Single ensuite room:

  • £320 per week (bed and breakfast)
  • £360 per week (half board)
  • £410 per week (full board)

All rates are inclusive of VAT

A flat within the college, with kitchenette and en-suite bathroom, is available, lodging only (price on application).




If you are interested in having a sabbatical at St Stephen’s House, please contact the College Secretary:
01865 613500

For all sabbatical students, the House will ask for an outline of intended research during the sabbatical and the names of two referees.

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