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The 1876 Society

1876 is the year that St Stephen’s House, Oxford, was founded, and today, the 1876 Society has been established as a society for alumni, friends and supporters of St Stephen’s House, with the aim of providing a community of stewardship to help support the work and future of the college.

By becoming a member of the 1876 Society, you are contributing to the stewardship of the college’s future, sharing in the responsibility of maintaining the standards of teaching that define St Stephen’s House as part of the University of Oxford.

How to join

To become a member of The 1876 Society please click the following link and set up a standing for the relevant amount shown in the table below.

Join The 1876 Society

Membership levels & benefits

NEW: Please note that a new, reduced cost of membership of £10 per month is now available to try and enable as many people as possible to join and support the initiative. The same membership benefits as the Cowley category apply.

Level of membership Cowley member Benson member King member Group or parish member
Membership eligibility Current students & previous year’s leavers Those under 30 Those over 30 Open to corporate, parishes or other groups
Cost £18.76 per annum £16 a month for one year (or £187.60 one-off cost) £22.50 a month for seven years (or £1,876 one-off cost) £79 a month for two years (or £1,876 one-off cost)
Length of membership 1 year 1 year 7 years 2 years
Recognition of membership in College newsletter
Certificate of membership
College pin badge
Invitation to dine in College (with guest)


For more information, please contact the College Development Office:

T: +44 (0)1865 613519