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Frequently Asked Questions

How does someone arrive at ordination?

Candidates for ordination in the Church of England are sponsored by the bishop of their diocese. Under normal circumstances, bishops will only sponsor candidates who have been recommended for training by a Bishops’ Advisory Panel (BAP). In the first instance, those thinking about a vocation to ordination should speak to their parish priest and to their Diocesan Director of Ordinands (DDO).

What is a PPH?

PPH stands for Permanent Private Hall. The University of Oxford has six PPHs, all of which are Christian foundations, although each has its distinctive ethos and purpose. Fully part of the University, the PPHs operate on a smaller and more intimate scale than the larger colleges and typically offer a somewhat narrower range of subjects.

Can overseas students study at St Stephen’s House?

The college welcomes applications from overseas students. Details of courses, fees, etc. may be found elsewhere on this website.

Does St Stephen’s House take conference bookings?

St Stephen’s House welcomes conference bookings during vacation periods. Please see the page on Conferences for further details.

For details as to what personal data we may hold and the safeguards regarding its retention and use, please refer to our policy documents as they are published on our website, at: https://www.ssho.ox.ac.uk/about/policies.html    Nb.please see the notice on your risks and responsibilities when accessing third-party websites from our site.

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