Founded in 1876, St Stephen’s House is an academic community of around 80 students based within the University of Oxford.

St Stephen’s House was originally established to train priests in the catholic tradition of the Church of England, and became a permanent private hall of the University of Oxford in 2003, admitting a variety of students across a range of post-graduate courses and qualifications.

Today, the college is a diverse yet relatively small community of mature students, of which around a quarter are training to become Church of England priests, another quarter are training to become teachers and the rest are pursuing advanced study in fields such as education, theology and music.

There is accommodation within college for approximately 50 students, ranging from en-suite single rooms in the main college building, to self-catering flats in the college grounds. There is flexibility to accommodate families and couples as well as single students.

Studying at St Stephen’s House is the perfect combination of being part of the University of Oxford within a small and friendly collegiate environment.